Should Players Have to Stand for the National Anthem?

Players of sports, specifically in the National Football League are increasingly starting to kneel during the national anthem as a sign of protest against the social issues in the United States. Is this justified? In my opinion it is definitely justified and this is their right as an American.

The first reason I believe that players should be able to kneel during the national anthem is because it is their right under the first amendment. The first amendment states that as an American citizen one is allowed to peaceably assemble or in other words protest if it is peaceful. There is so many other options that are more harmful and more violent than kneeling during the national anthem. If anything the backlash for seeing people kneel was more violent in some cases than the actual protest.

The second reason  I believe that players should be able to kneel during the national anthem is because just because they are national figures does not mean that they do not have an opinion. They are American citizens as well but many do not think they should have an opinion as a professional athlete. I think it is great that they are using their platform for something other than tossing a football or basketball or any other ball around.

The last reason I believe that athletes should be able to kneel during the national anthem is that when people think that something is wrong in our country, they have a right to try to bring light to it. That is why Americans of today broke off from the British, because they were not being treated right. There has been a history of oppression in our country. Not every cop is bad towards African Americans nor is every cop good which is what this whole protest was about. In my opinion it is not only African Americans that are oppressed but gay people, other nationalities, women and many other groups that should be represented in the protest. There are many alternatives that could have been far worse, plus Colin Kappernick, who started all the protests donates to charities and donates his time, so he is not one of the people causing trouble, but rather standing (kneeling) for social injustices in our country.

4 thoughts on “Should Players Have to Stand for the National Anthem?

  1. Eric,
    I really liked your point about being national figures still allows them their own opinions and rights. Its true, and because these athletes are under constant scrutiny, it is something we often overlook. Just like any other figure who tried to lead a movement in the hopes of seeing a change, Colin was doing what he thought was the best way to make his issue more available to the public.


  2. Eric, I really liked your post and agreed with a lot of your points. Your last point in particular i think is important because we should stand up (or kneel) for what we believe in and if we think something is wrong in this country we should do something about it and peaceful protest is legal within the united states and that is all These players are doing. Its not disrespectful to the flag or any veterans. This country needs work we went from number 1 in all the good category like jobs, death rates, and more, to all the bad number 1s like obesity rate, jobless rate, poverty rates, and more. So whats happened to this american dream? If he can help raise awareness of his cause no matter what it be, maybe more people should be like him because although there was also outrage even if he reached 100 people with his point, thats 100 more than the day before.


  3. Eric,
    I think the strongest point you made in this blog post is that some of the anger towards his protest were more violent than the protest itself. People began burning pictures of Kaepernick and sending death threats to him. I will continue to say it, it is okay to have an opinion but once you begin harming, or possibly harming others, that is when your opinion is no longer acceptable. Good post.


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