What Sport Should Be Added To Chadron State College?

I believe that college soccer, specifically women’s soccer, should be added to the sports at Chadron State College. There are still more men than women athletes so this would make the difference a little bit more fair, and add a sport that is on the rise in America. It might take a few years for this sport to earn some money back for the school as it gains popularity, but I truly do believe it would gain popularity.

Soccer, in general around the world is a sport that has been played for several hundred years and is the most popular sport in most of the world. The world cup is an event that is watched even more than the super bowl. The United States is a fairly new country in terms of industrialization and its origins in sports is fairly new compared to countries who have been around for several hundred years. We are somewhat still trying to figure out soccer. This makes this sport on the rise because America strives to be the best in everything. Adding soccer to the regimen at Chadron State College would only increase attendance, diversify the student population, and give more students a chance at an athletic scholarship to pay for schooling.

Not including Divison III schools that do not offer a scholarship, there are over 900 schools that offer scholarships currently to athletes who play soccer. This is a big market for students looking for somewhere to play, therefore increasing the number of potential schools to play. The only worry might be getting extra funding for travel and games. (gocollege.com)


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