Should Daily Fantasy Sports Be Legal?

Daily fantasy sports is a place where you are allowed to pick a lineup and bet money on them, in order for a cash prize if you are the best lineup. I believe daily fantasy sports and all sports betting should be legal. First off, it is your own money, you may do what you want with it. There is little chance of winning and the people that do win do not win as much profit as the sites hosting.

Two of the large companies that host daily fantasy sports are DraftKings and FanDuel. These two companies defended their daily fantasy sports leagues as “perfectly legal games of skill” ( I agree with this statement. There is an element of luck, but there is more importance on skill, as stats tell a large portion of how a player would do on a weekly basis, compared to just drafting someone with very poor stats. What you get is usually going to be a product of knowing skill, and betting money on this skill.

There is also no uniformity in what states allow daily fantasy sports to be legal and which do not. New York for example does not allow gambling, yet offer it in ways that do not fully count as gamble but certainly are. Daily fantasy sports needs to be regulated in the amount of money that can be spent and make it uniform that either all or no states have it, because it is a tricky situation knowing which states allow it and which do not. (

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