College Before NBA or NFL?

There was a time that athletes were not required to go to any college before going to the National Basketball League or the National Football League. There is much debate on whether or not athletes should be allowed to the pros straight out of high school. My personal opinion is that they should have to go to college for at least one year before playing at the elite pro level.

The first reason I believe that athletes should have to attend college before going into the pros is they do not necessarily have the work ethic mixed with how much longer and faster the game is at the pro level compared to high school. I am a college athlete now. I run 75-90 miles a week. This was a huge adjustment from high school to college running. I could not imagine going pro and seeing my time get blown out of the water by pro runners, whereas I could get substantially better by racing against times that are somewhat similar to mine.

The same goes with football and basketball. Anyone can be a big shot in high school because kids bodies are not matured yet. They get into the NBA out of high school and they have to play 28 more minutes per game, and probably 40 more games per season. This is a drastic change. For the NFL the minutes change from 32 minutes to hour long games as well. The players are bigger, faster, and more athletic because no human man develops fully at age 18. when I say that there is sort of a shell shocked sort of feeling when transforming from high school to the NFL or NBA.

Besides overall maturity physically, there is overall maturity mentally that needs to happen. The human male is not fully developed in their brain until 23 in some cases. This means they are taking bigger blows to the head in the NFL which decreases their lifespan, proven after recent discoveries of CTE. You should get the degree first, and if the NFL or NBA does not work out, you have a fallback. After all, injuries happen and not everyone is cut out for the pros like they think they are. agrees with me in that there is some growing up to do in players coming out of high school. College students are broke, but this teaches them maturity. Going from “rags to riches too quickly and these athletes may not know what to do with their money.”

Overall, athletes need to mature physically and mentally for a couple years in college before going pro.


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