Why Cheer Leading IS Considered A Sport

A heavily debated topic is whether or not cheer leading is considered a sport. In my personal opinion it should definitely be considered a sport. Dictionary.com defines a sport as “an athletic activity that requires physical prowess or skill and often a competitive nature.”

If you have ever seen a cheer competition, you would see that there is tumbling, flipping, lifting people, and many other difficult tasks that not any every day average person can do. Bleacherreport.com makes a good point when they outline the difficulty of lifting a 100+ pound person up above your head. This takes practice, dedication and teamwork. A person has to be seriously conditioned for this and has to spend time in the gym in order for this to happen.

Livestrong.com makes a good point in their article that to be truly considered a sport, there must be some sort of competition. Many high schools and professional organizations around the nation have considered cheer leading to be a sport and the number is growing. There are cheer competitions and standards that teams should meet just like any other sports. Coaching is incorporated just like in other sports and there are team captains. Although college cheer leading is not officially considered a sport, they spend just as much time in the gym and at practice as any other collegiate sport. They can get as physically exhausted other sports so there is no reason they should not be considered a sport.

As these two articles have outlined, and one can see for themselves, cheer leading has all the qualities necessary to be considered a sport. Cheer leaders work just as hard or harder depending on individual work ethic just like any other sport.


Bleacher Report Website

Livestrong Website Cheerleading

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