Why Athletes Who Have Used Performance Enhancing Drugs Should Not Be Eligible for Baseball Hall of Fame

A common debate is whether or not athletes who have used performance enhancing drugs such as steroids should be allowed into the baseball hall of fame. In my opinion, players who have used some sort of enhancer should not be allowed into the hall of fame. The hall of fame is reserved for players who played the game honorably. To play the game honorably you have to put in the work just as everyone else is. To take a drug and then automatically be up with other players is selfish and unfair.

To further my argument, aragonoutlook.org offers some reasons why players who use drugs should not be allowed into the hall of fame. There are reasons for and against the argument of people using PEDS and getting into the hall of fame, so this site is good for an unbiased opinion and opinion of people who believe that they should not get in. One reason people use drugs to get better is because everyone else was doing it. Just because others were using does not mean a person has to work less hard and wonder what you could have done without doing the drugs. It is easy to win a game throwing a 100+ mile per hour fastball but it is harder to win a game throwing that fast from hard work and more honorable. There is also a poll on this site if they should be allowed in the baseball hall of fame. The popular opinion was that they should not be allowed if under the influence of PEDS.

Furthermore, realclearsports.com outlines another good point. Steroids not only offer and unfair advantage, they are harmful to the body over time and illegal. Why should athletes be above the law to entertain people? Just as football is stepping up their protocol to lessen brain injuries, baseball needs to take steps to stop muscle gains that are harmful in the future.

To recap, not only is the use of PEDS unfair, but it is harmful and illegal. The popular opinion is that people should not get into the hall of fame with the extra help of PEDS. There has been many greats without PEDS and they are the ones that should be remembered in the minds of fans because they put in the work to become great.

aragonoutlook.org website for and against steroid use

realclearsports article against Performance enhancing drugs

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