I Can Think For Myself, And So Can You!

This semester I have learned a lot about myself as a learner and as a thinker. This week’s blog is about being an innovative learner, and unlearning things that we have learned in the past that may be harmful to our learning process. I think that the biggest thing I have learned through this semester, and this class in particular, is that I can learn on my own. Yes, it is true that teachers often times provide most of the material or sources that we must use to facilitate our learning. This class has been mostly different in this aspect. There have been articles we have been required to watch and read but this was only for introductory purposes. I have learned so many new website and links that have been useful for future uses in my classroom.

First off, I have been innovative by picking and choosing different resources to use in my blog posts, and that I have shared on Twitter. Prior to this class I had only found things through Google because this is  what everyone uses. Google I now know is only a one stop place if you are on a last resort effort to find certain information. There are websites for just about everything, but you as the learner have to be innovative to find them.

My favorite quote from Couros’s “The Mindset of an Innovator” is “I believe that my abilities, intelligence, and talents can be developed, leading to the creation of new and better ideas.” My role as a future teacher is not one that should be taken lightly. I, as well as the students in the classroom should be expanding our minds every day, learning something new and interacting with different material. If I wanted, I could make a lesson plan the first year I am teaching and reteach this year after year. This does not work as a teacher who should be innovative. If I want to be an innovative teacher I have to see what works for the maximum student growth. Then I should adjust the assignment or completely scrap them depending on how they served the students.

George Couros “The Mindset of an Innovator

My favorite quote from Richardson’s “The Unlearning Curve” is “we need to unlearn the idea that every student needs to learn the same content when really what they need to learn is how to self-direct their own learning.” Literacy in the digital age class is all about how to self-direct our own learning and many classes have been like that for me this semester. This is important because there will not always be a teacher to help you through every situation in life.

Richardson’s The Unlearning Curve”

One quote from  Richardson’s “The Unlearning Curve” that I still need to unlearn is “we need to unlearn our fear of putting ourselves and our students “out there” for we’ve proven we can do it in safe, relevant and effective ways.” I have yet to fully put myself out there in terms of answering questions in class or asking questions to the teacher because I have found I can ask other classmates. The teacher is usually the best source to ask for help, I just need to let them know sometimes that I need help, just as everyone does.

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