Piktochart Review

The tech tool that I chose to reflect on was piktochart. This site has some positive and some negatives in my view. First I created an account. This was difficult as it never gave me the option to move forward for a while until I had to search to even find where to go next. Next I looked at the different templates that piktochart had to offer. There was anything from a poster all the way up to a power point. I fiddled with different templates until I came to one that fit what I wanted to present about. I came across many different templates that were over-simplistic and I was not sure how I was going to fit in the information that I wanted to fit in.

When choosing the information that I wanted to fit into my piktochart, I decided to pick something that was interesting to learn about, that also fit into my topic of my independent learning project. In my independent learning project I was doing social history to learn more about the subject. Not many other moments in history think about how the people are affected than the Great Depression, so i chose this topic. I got all my information from ushistory.org. This site is full of useful articles for historians.

My personal opinion of piktochart is not very highly thought about. To me, it was very confusing to navigate and to edit exactly how I wanted the information edited. I have been on multiple other sites where it was easier to navigate and edit the site, so it was not that I have problems with this issue. I tried to insert a picture from Flickr.com but it would only let me use the photos from it’s site. I found this odd because I have seen other blogs with pictures from creative commons. This may just be an issue of changing the file format to fit the picture into the piktograph edit.

A benefit I could see is this is definitely a different way of presenting to my class in the future. This beats normal power points because it is more appealing to the eye. Though it is more appealing to the eye, It would take me too much time to edit it to present to my class. I am not a person of flashy presentations to inhibit learning, learning is done by the content. This is my personal opinion on the matter.

My Piktochart on the Great Depression

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