People do it everyday. They get out their smartphones or laptops, mindlessly scroll through social media applications, and get distracted from what really needs to get done. Even if someone is doing research or is doing homework to learn material, sometimes study breaks are taken. This scrolling through the applications lessen the productivity of every day life. I am sad to say that I am just another statistic of this horrible habit. I check my Facebook about three times a day to see if my friends tagged me in a funny post. I check my Instagram to see what my friend might be doing in an area that I do not truly care about unless I am experiencing it for myself.

I think a time that we need to be more attentive is when we are doing research in order to challenge our brains or better ourselves. Something that does not challenge you is not required of your full mindfulness. This is what going to school does, is it gets you out of your comfort zone to help you grow. This is why multi-tasking between scrolling through Facebook for example while listening to a video such as I did with Paul Miller’s TED talk is bad. I am trying to learn, yet I subconsciously assumed that the full video did not require my full attention.

In today’s society we are all tethered to our devices because we are a technology society. I feel we miss out on skills that are highly valued in every day life. At the same time we can all go on our devices to look up how to do those skills. For example, fixing a tire is something that not everyone knows how to do. This is a skill that could be taught by a parent or someone else. Being on your phone could distract you from actually learning how to fix the tire correctly. Although this is true, you could go on Youtube and find out how to do it step by step. There are, however, some things that just are not online which you cannot learn by being attached to a device.

I did not get a chance to use the moment application because my smart phone has not been working well this week and I can not download any new applications. This application sounds very interesting in tracking how much you log on. We average a total of two hours and 57 minutes on our phones each day. This is a significant amount of time that we could be using to clean our house, play sports, interact with people or other activities. In Paul Miller’s TED talk he learned that the boredom can easily take over without being online. What he did gain back was his sanity which could be learned from in today’s society.

Bored…And Brilliant? A Challenge to Disconnect From Your Phone

Paul Miller TED talk

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