Digital Activism

Being in a digital era has shaped many people’s lives in so many ways. With people growing up in the technology age, they know nothing else but technology and the different ways that it can be utilized. It is incorporated and learned about in schools in an increasing fashion, because if you do not keep up with technology, it will leave you behind.

Digital activism is one way that people can use their voice for the better and really make a change in society or a particular area of their choice. In the article “The 6 Activist Functions of Digital Tech,” these changes and how can they can be achieved are outlined and put into great detail. The six functions that can make a change are to shape public opinion, plan an action, protect activists, share a call to action, take action digitally, and transfer resources. With the internet being a large part of every day life for most people, you as a user can shape public opinion with the backing of other. By a click of a button you can share to all of your friends and friends of friends such as on Facebook. The internet is powerful and with this power, action can be taken to make a change as a team.

The 6 Activist Functions of Digital Tech

With people knowing nothing else and growing up in the digital age, there are some prominent teenage users who became a digital activist in their community. One particular exceptional teen who used her voice through a digital platform was Eleni Bernier. She created a twitter account for the purpose of helping her followers, or as she called them, family. She wanted to help those who were depressed just as her friend once was. This is a serious issue and by helping others on twitter, she helped make others happy, creating a chain effect. This is an extraordinary way to help and be a digital activist. Her help did not just stop at people who were dealing with depression. She also reached out to those with eating disorders, suicidal thoughts and other serious issues. Anyone can do this, and Eleni proves this by doing this as just a teenager.

Eleni Bernier

Personally I have done a little bit of digital activism by starting a go-fund-me page for a friend that needed a funeral. Go-fund-me is a site where you can digitally send money from your credit card to someone in need for a particular purpose. I was excited to see all the participants and how I could really make a difference for my friend who had just passed. Anyone can be a digital activist. All you need is an inspiration and people to get behind your cause.


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