Eric Yager’s Digital Citizenship

Googling my name and looking at all my past photos and things that I have shared took me down a trip to memory lane. I found mostly positive things at what I looked at, but I know if I had looked deeper I may find some things that potential employers or someone in my family not approve of. This is not by my doing necessarily but by my friends doing, as they tag me in things on Facebook that could convey a trait that they think of me or something that is just funny to them. My digital footprint online is mostly positive but some could be taken as a bad thing.

When I first searched my full name all I could find was my family tree and that I was born in Texas in 1995. This is not any information I would be wanting to hide. Next I google imaged my name. This came up with more positive images as I was very active in sports in high school. About seven pictures of track came up and one picture of soccer. I was a two time state champion in cross country and track and an all-state soccer player so I am proud of these pictures that I was shown in.

Image result for Eric Yager

I googled and only could find my Facebook account which I know is mostly not bad because I have family I keep it clean for. I would never post anything intentionally bad online however because not everyone needs to hear or see this. My comments if dug very deep into could be seen as bad because I am a very sarcastic person. It is my humor but I never mean to hurt anyone’s feelings.

I found one picture from my Facebook of me holding a fish which is my current Facebook profile picture. This displays my hobbies that have been documented. I tend to not take many pictures of myself personally. My own twitter I had for only about three days and then quit besides the twitter account I have to have for a digital literacy class. My Instagram would not have any bad photos or comments on them.

Overall, I think my digital citizenship would pass to be a teacher. This worries a lot of people and luckily it is one less thing I have to worry about in my future. I personally think it is something that should be preached about in classrooms because in this society today, kids are not fully thinking about what they post online and it could hinder their future employment or other factors.

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