Midterm Reflections

Literacy in the digital age class so far has not been what I had expected. I thought this class was going to be more of a class where you learn to implement computer technology such as the whiteboard or laptops into every day life. I also expected more lecture based material that we would be quizzed as in most classes that I have taken at Chadron State College. I am glad this is not the case and we are free to express and experiment with  the materials needed to be successful in this class.

This class so far has taught me a lot about technology that I had not known about before. We had talked about professional learning communities briefly in Education Psychology, another teaching class required to becoming a teacher. By doing hands on professional learning communities you are able to learn so much more than ever expected from just hearing about it. This class has helped me to experience sites more effectively such as twitter, vine and do capabilities that I never had in my arsenal before. Using Bitly to shorten links is very helpful. Learning how to embed videos will make future content look more professional. Finding creative commons pictures that are not copyrighted was a huge step in the right direction to not plagiarizing future photos. I cannot believe I am a junior in college and just learning the right way to cite a photo.

Through the modules there has been a couple interesting ones but my favorite had to be the third module. The main reason was we got to choose our own TED talks to study. I watched several just because I enjoy them and getting to write in response to them was not as hard because I enjoyed the video. Just by letting us find what we enjoyed in this class, this is what I hope to do with my future students is to let them find what interests them and let them learn themselves.

There was not many modules that were all too difficult, most of them the same. The one I suppose was the hardest would have to be module number six. This was not my favorite because of the blog post. Trying to find specific examples that had to be included was more of a hassle than a fun way to learn as other modules had been. Also finding professionals in the particular learning style was more challenging than I had first thought it to be.

I am not sure what in particular that I want to learn about in the second  half of the semester because I am not particularly technologically savvy so anything learned about technology that I can implement into my future classroom would be very helpful. Hopefully I learn which particular subject discipline I would prefer to teach as a history teacher and also what specific grade level although I have a slight idea. I look forward to seeing everyone’s spectacular work in this class and I am pushed to be a better student and future teacher with the classmates that I currently have in this class with me.

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