What is DS106?!

You have seen or heard of thirty daily challenges everywhere. Thirty day ab challenge, thirty day pushup challenge, thirty day no soda challenge and so on, so forth. Thirty day challenges are used for a quick fix to improve any situation in your life which you choose to improve. DS106 is a way to document and share you journey of a thirty day challenge with others online. This gets your message out and also encourages others to improve their lives. Your idea could be someone else’s inspiration to do something amazing.

DS106 is more than just doing a thirty day challenge. DS106 is also about learning new skills using technology such as sharing, networking, and examining new modes of networking. There are five types of create that you could use in your personal DS106 that you could use to develop your journey to a thirty day challenge. These five types are audio, video, writing, drawing, and photography. Personally, the most challenging type for me to incorporate into my thirty day challenge will be audio. The searching of videos to incorporate and put into a collage will be a difficult task. For the most part, I am usually good at writing, finding photos of drawing or photography and incorporating videos that fit into the curriculum of whatever I am doing.

There are many different ways that I could think of that I could do to improve my life. In my life, fitness and exercise are the most important things to improve that do not include my professional life of being a future teacher. Thirty day challenges are nothing new to me as I have done all of the challenges that I mentioned in the first paragraph. Knowing that I can document my journey and show gains in fitness and exercise is crucial. If this inspires just one person to do what I do and makes the world a somewhat better place, this will make me very happy.

In the classroom there is many different ways that DS106 can help. As a teacher we need to be technologically savvy. Going through this process of using different methods of documenting your journey will help venture into different ways of finding out how to do these. Another way that this could help me as a professional in my teaching classes would be to practice speaking. This is personal because I am mostly going to be nervous about this aspect of teaching in the first years when I give lectures.

What is DS106

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