My Personal Learning Network

A personal learning network is a crucial step for people in a professional environment because they should surround themselves with people of the same profession to better their understanding of whatever it might be that they are learning. I am going to be a future history teacher, so my first step would probably to find some other future history teachers, current history teachers, teachers in general to know how school systems work, and actual historians. In my findings, you should not limit yourself to one category of a professional network, but rather expand your learning potential by bringing in many particular fields to help you through this sometimes very challenging journey.

What I gained by reading “How To Cultivate A Personal Learning Network: Tips From Howard Rheingold” is that you should always add new people on your personal learning network from many different sources. Twitter and Feedly are great sources to find people of professional expertise. You should always evaluate these people and see if they peak your interest. If they do not, drop them and add some more to always be learning something new. I also learned to not be a bystander with these people. Interact with what you want to accomplish in your life. This will encourage them to keep posting meaningful material, and you will also get your name out there to whoever you want it to be known to. Personal learning networks are interactive and they are a helpful tool for your every day life if used correctly.

How To Cultivate A PLN

My thoughts on Personal Learning Networks were taken right from my mouth by a tweet from Xiyun:

The second article on what a Personal Learning Network is was written from a blog of a teacher. He was a fairly new teacher so I thought this would be a good resource to learn what a personal learning network was from a teacher and what he saw as a good network. What he took from a personal learning network was that it was an all the time thing. You could do it anytime early in the morning or late at night it is all your choice! There is many ways to access a personal learning network such as your own content and people joining your learning community or you stumble upon others learning communities. He even invited educators to comment on his blog in an attempt to get other teachers to join his personal learning network and I think it was an effective way to get people to discover him a serious educator.

What is a PLN Blog

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