Diplomatic History

This week I decided to pick a history topic which I have very little to no idea about what it actually is. Diplomatic history is the study between states and people’s relations with each other. The only relation I can make about this history topic is if it is in United States Colonial history or United States history in general because it has to do with how all of the states maintain relations with each other.

The person I chose to look at his blog post focused on how diplomatic history in its origin is old fashioned and going out of style. Diplomatic history is traditionally a conservative topic on how it is being taught in schools. The most current textbook and mostly used for diplomatic history is of Howard Zinn’s: “A People History of the United States.” This book is more written as a left-sided liberal view and is the 860th best selling book in America. The book that is traditionally more conservative is written by Paul Johnson, and titled “A History of the American People.” This book is 19,331st most selling book in America.

Just the way that this subject is being taught is affecting how kids in America are learning and affecting their views in life. Lynch offers a reason as to why this subject might have switched from conservative to liberal in nature. Lynch explains that “Racism, economic deprivation, and gender inequality color the research agendas of a substantial number of historians.” These three topics are more liberal in nature and not conservative. He offers that there needs to be a more mixed opinion on the subjects so that there can be differing views on how we see history. This one sided view is not how we created America to be.

This blog is interesting to me because I had never thought of history being taught in different ways. This makes me think as an educator as to which view I want to mainly approach with my students. I would hope I would unconsciously not take a side when teaching the subject. When looking at politics I always just stuck to the views that I believed, I did not just look at the views that identified with my political party. The pick of textbook that I choose to teach my students will have to be well thought out in the way that they teach. The way I deliver to my students I am going to do my best to not be biased. This topic seems very interesting as I am interesting in the relations between states. People have to make decisions about politics and this is what I like to learn about.

Is Diplomatic History Dying?

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