Passion Based Learning

Nine Tenets of Passion Based Learning

George Couros 3 Questions

Passion Based Learning is something that many people and educators have tried to integrate into the school systems for years. Every student that I have known other than the select few hate going to school every day. They do not just hate it, they dread it. I am one of those people. There a select couple classes that let me be free and express myself in whatever way I want to but these are rare.

In George Couros: “3 Questions to Drive Passion Based Learning,” Couros uses three simple questions for students to think about how they get on more passion based learning that just your standard learning. The three questions are how will I learn, how will I solve, and how will I create? My favorite idea of the whole article is his idea that our educators are teaching our children how to become more effective problem solvers. This is good for math and science which have strict rules but where does this help us in the long run? What we should be teaching our children is how to become problem finders. This is not what I had first thought it was. This does not mean to create a problem that does not exist but rather to find existing problems and come up with outside of the box type solutions for these. This will create a more creative future generation.

In “Nine Tenets of Passion-Based Learning,” nine ways are outlined that could make our generation a generation of passion based learners. A big theme of this article is that to get passion, incorporate technology and digital media into your lesson plans. I do not know that this is one hundred percent necessary with students of all ages because pictures and stories from books can be full of passion if you are reading about the right stuff. I do, however, understand that this day and age has changed and a large source of things that kids are passionate about are online and in social media applications.

One common theme that I see in the both the blog post of George Couros: “3 Questions to Drive Passion Based Learning” and “Nine Tenets of Passion Based Learning” is the theme that schools reward students for memorizing facts, doing the basics of learning. To drive student based learning, students need to think for themselves. Students need to be interested in what they are learning. Educators should be more readily agile to do these kinds of things with the students or they will struggle to learn.


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