Economic History

Through high school and in college there are a lot of similar history topics that we study. For example, political, diplomatic, social, cultural, economic and intellectual. The one that I did not even know was it’s own discipline was economic history. I thought this just went hand in hand with political history and why the government spent the money that it did on things such as defense and security of the nation. My focus today on my independent learning project will be on economic history and why we should teach it.

In college was the first time that I had even had a class in economic history. I felt like I was less informed than students in business courses that knew economic terms. I decided to google, why is economic history important to teach. the first reason was pretty straight forward in why we learn history in the first place. It was to not repeat the past. The second reason was we are entering a new era, which makes sense considering nations have been more technologically advanced than the past one hundred years at a very fast rate.

The source “Why We Need to Teach Economic History” mostly focuses on Australia and what it has done in the past to change it’s history in the past one hundred years. No surprise was that it repeated itself and it was easily avoided when looking at economic mistakes that repeated themselves. This is a large part of why nations should look and keep record of money spent within the nation to see what could be improved on and what could be repeated for maximum revenue in the future.

The second part of the reason we should teach economic history is because we should not repeat the past. This is pretty simple and kind of goes hand in hand with entering a new era. Larger amounts of money is being thrown around and there is different ways to spend it. Again, if we carefully watch this we can learn from our mistakes.

Also noted in this discussions was there is many sources that tell of economic history we just do not seem to emphasize this in classrooms because it does not seem to be a prominent role in society. It goes along with political history so many times it is not offered as it’s own course.

I see this as a reputable discipline to study and teach but I do not find it as interesting as other subjects that could be potentially taught by me as a teacher or future educator.

Why we need to teach economic history


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