The Power of Introverts

It has always been my lifestyle to be an introvert. It took me quite the while whenever I get around people to really come out of my shell and show them the real me. I always had this wall up, afraid to show people the real me until I really got to know the person or people I was going to be spending a lot of time with. Once I got comfortable I would do anything or say anything I wanted because I felt comfortable with these people.

In the TED talk “The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain, she notes that no one is either extreme introverts or extreme introvert. The best type of people are ones who fall somewhere in the middle, who are called ambiverts. To me, this is what I am. I fall somewhere in the middle because I am shy and reserved at first but let people get to know the real me when the time is right. To me, being completely extrovert is really hard to introduce yourself to a random stranger as a lot of people I see in college do. I envy these people but also see how their grades and academics suffer a little more than those that are introverts and do their homework.

Susan also makes a good point that it is scientifically backed up by research that introverts are typically more intelligent than extroverts. Kids in school who choose to do their own work or want to work on their own instead of in a group project are seen as an outlier. I do not think that these people should be seen as different, but rather celebrated for individualism. These people choose to think for themselves and want to do work on their own.

I went to school with a girl who was an extreme introvert. I was comfortable around her and talked to her between classes but I was about the only one. She had off the charts SAT and ACT scores. Her dream was to go to the prestigious MIT school in Massachusetts. She applied and was sadly denied. I thought this was outrageous as she showed me the letter. There is no way she could have not gotten in. I read farther into the letter and the real reason the school had denied her was she was not in many extra curricular activities in high school. MIT was looking for more people with social skills, not just smarts. I saw the potential but apparently MIT did not. They did not what type of leadership potential she had. People who are introverts in my mind should be given a chance rather than looked down upon in society.

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