History and It’s Disciplines ILP

I remember having a life changing day in class one morning. It was my first semester changing to a history major. He started naming off the different disciplines of history such as economic, social, archaeological, environmental, and so on. He explained that he was more of a social historian and viewed how humans treated one another in the past and why they do so today. I was sitting in the front row and he asked me what my discipline for history was going to be as i taught. I said I did not know. I felt somewhat embarrassed as others snickered. I was in a 300 level history course and I did not know my discipline. This was a problem and something I needed to look into and know as future bosses will be hiring based on your discipline.

I learned that schools had not even been teaching the history of sociology until the late 1950’s into the 1960’s. This is a fairly new concept. There was a large push of science to be in a social aspect, therefore, history became a social aspect and began to study populations, cultures of people, and their lifestyles. This is a majority of what I have been learning in college, so it seems that most of the professors are trained to study this area as well. Perhaps there are studying and teaching this to their students because it is one of the easier concepts to understand. It is easy to understand that Jamestown had about 600 people living there. They were British and their culture was that of early 1600’s European men. They did not think highly of Native Americans and it was their duty to God to rid Native Americans off the land. This was their thought process. To me this is a simple concept. To me, this is no challenge, and may be the path for me because it is what I understand.

History of Sociology

I have not even began to adventure into the other, more complex theories of history. Economic history is hard to me so far. A person would think a certain country spent this money for national defense but in the class I am taking this semester it is not easy. Economic terms seem to come so easily to others in the class. Maybe they have taken classes that I have not to know about this discipline. Next week I will focus on economic history and what it will contain that interests people so much.


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