Make/Hack/Play Response

Bud Hunt does a very good job at capturing the audience’s attention with the use of a camera lens as the main focus. By picking out just this one image he is able to frame the rest of his paper on what he is wanting to talk about. To me this is a good writing technique that almost any writer could use as a template. The author, Hunt, chooses to write about making things in daily life, hacking them in the real sense of the word and playing with things in life.

What particularly caught me off guard was the use of his word hacking. I have always thought of this word in the negative connotation but never really realized that hackers have so much power to get into a system and make things better. Hackers have power to improve or break a system but the way he looks through his lens is that hackers are inherently good people. In my opinion this is not the case in today’s society since hackers are usually people on television who break into a system and cause havoc for purposes of stealing or some form of theft. It is how you look at life through the lens to see different situations.

The concept of making is next on my list of intriguing topics. He relates this to teaching and learning. I have always been somewhat jealous of my brother for this reason. He would have the ability to create things that i saw as a masterpiece being the younger brother. I sat and pondered how he would come up with these inventions, usually involving mechanics. I did not usually see that he had a sort of mentor in my dad. He spent endless hours in the garage learning how different parts worked. I had a different lifestyle in that I was more worried about having fun in sports. We all have our own niches in life and I found it amazing that he had found his so early.

The concept of play is used in freedom from constraints. playing with objects can lead to an enormous amount of freedom. You can play with it until it is exactly how you want it to be. The only stipulation I could see is your amount of time you have in life.

This article ended up being a plug which was sort of demeaning to the total outcome of the article. It was inspiring until it was all for a purpose. I do, however, enjoy the article starting with the world as through a lens. This is one thing I can really take away from this because it seems to be inspiring. The world is the way that you look at it.

Make Hack Play


Photo CC by Dark Dwarf

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