Future History Teacher

Growing up I had never really put a lot of thought into what my future career was going to be. I never aspired to be a veterinarian, a firefighter, or any other profession that most little kids aspire to be. In high school I went through life on a daily basis. I focused on short term goals such as what do I want my grades to be in high school, what I was going to train for to get better in sports, what I was going to eat for the day. Never until my senior did I even consider what my future was going to hold. This was not by my doing. I had a college picked out early in my senior year because i was going to run cross country. The automatic question that every adult would ask that kids would dread, “What major are you going to be studying?” I realized i had only a short amount of time to decide what I wanted to be for the majority of my life.

Going into college I tried to find my answer of what I was going to be based on teachers who I enjoyed being in class with or who inspired me. The first on the list was Coach Entwisle, who was also a chemistry teacher. It dawned upon me that studying physical therapy was a good way to mix my athleticism with a profession that also paid good money. This was of high importance to make money because I thought it would secure my future. This is what I decided I would tell everyone I would be.

I got to college and started to study physical therapy. I had classes such as chemistry and zoology that challenged me every day. I had to get help from my roommate constantly to do good in these classes. It was not until second semester that i wondered if this profession was not for me. Zoology was interesting but most classes I chose to take did not interest me in the slightest. I decided to turn to the second teacher who influenced me.

During the second year of college I had decided to change my major to a bachelor of science in education with a minor in history teaching. I have enjoyed every history class I have taken so far in college and in high school. The part I am nervous about is teaching to kids and finding a particular category that I want to focus on. At the moment I am leaning towards United States History. I am sure I will love this subject but I have to get used to lecturing in a classroom as does every other student at this college. In future posts I will be looking into future disciplines that may interest me going forward.


Photo CC by Jim Surkamp

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