Learning Can Be Fun!

Photo CC- By Kevin Saff

There have been many times where I have struggled as a learner to grasp a concept. There have been many times I have tried and failed. There have also been many successes when I try and really put my mind to it. To put the top five most memorable moments is one of the hardest thing I have had to do but it is a time of good reflection.

The earliest, most memorable time I remember of learning is when we went on a class field trip to the mammoth site in Hot Springs. This is in my home town but we learned of history which initially got me excited to become a history teacher. To think that such massive animals like mammoths, sabretooths tigers, and giant bears once roamed the earth is mind-blowing to me. This was hands on and definitely in my area of interest.

The second most memorable learning experience came when I was in the sixth grade and I had just started cross country. We had to do active stretches and I could not get the technique down. Practice after practice my coach would harp on me to get the right form. One day it finally clicked and it felt amazing. My coach used me as an example of good form. It was a long process but very rewarding to get recognized for learning.


Photo CC by Ken Mattison

In high school I met up with a teacher who was a history teacher. We always did assignments that weren’t just ordinary. He made history fun. His name was Mr. Larson and he actually graduated from Chadron State College as well. He really sparked my interest in becoming a teacher. Two years after graduating high school and I found out he moved. I was sad but was happy to hear that he was still going to be a teacher at his new home. Hopefully he would inspire more kids like me to become teachers.


Photo CC By Jimmy Emerson

I remember of one particular assignment that was very fun. We had to become presidential candidates and debate against others in tournament form to become the best president. I got assigned President Nixon. I thought this was awful because he was one of the only presidents that had a scandal and was almost impeached. After looking more into him he was a great president that accomplished a lot. Competition brought out the best in the class and we could use any argument we wanted. This was one of the rare times it was fun to learn.


Photo CC By tonynetone

The last memorable moment was when we got to use twitter in school for a Shakespeare book. I did not even have a twitter at the moment and was clueless how to use it. I actually researched different tweets of people I thought were funny. I had a lot of fun learning about Shakespeare and pretending to talk like he did.


Photo CC By tonynetone

The most valuable lesson overall I learned is that learning can be rewarding. It does not always come easy but if you make it fun for yourself it will always be rewarding. Making thing hands on or a different approach can make all the difference sometimes.

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