Digital Literacy in the Modern Age

Digital literacy is the knowledge, skills, and behaviors that are used in a broad range of devices. These devices can be smartphones, tablets, Ipads, Ipods, desktop PCs, or anything that can let one surf the internet. All of these devices are now seen as networks, rather than computing devices. Digital literacy is used in everyday life by people who have access to a device that can support the internet. “Digital Literacy is important in education, the work force and generally for every internet user.” According to the message of US Digital Literacy Digital Literacy. People who go to college, high school, Jr. high or even elementary school now use digital literacy to help them learn and view more material without having to buy or use expensive text books. Now you can find all the information about the things you want to learn about on one website or sometimes they will even have links to help you find other websites so if you want to keep learning about that certain area you can with ease. Digital literacy has really helped the way people teach and learn in a more modern and easy way. Even if it is not for school you can just go to Google, Bing or any search engine and type anything you want to learn or read about.

Nowadays people get their news from the internet instead of having to buy or get a newspaper. You can just use the search engine one the newspaper website and find the parts you want to read without having to turn a page and glance over to find the parts you want to read. Then after you’re done you don’t have to throw anything away.

Next you can keep in contact easier with people. They have emails, social media websites that let you add friends, follow people you look up to, or just old fashion just email your love ones instead of having to wait for a letter to come across the state from you mom seeing how you been doing or if you need anything. It helped communicating across the world or even in your own town a lot faster. Because of digital literacy, this is all possible. It has come a long way and made every day things a lot easier and more practical. These are just a few things out of the many uses digital literacy has to offer, and the things we use it for.

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